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valentine be mine

valentine's day
book ideas

for the kids, for the grown ups... if you love Valentine's Day... and even if you hate it (see the end!)... lots of books ideas to get you thinking...

Hearts, Cupids, and Red Roses: The Story of the Valentine Symbols -- stories, poems, and some answers (or theories at least) to "why?"
The Totally Terrific Valentine Party Book -- For ages 9 - 12, ideas for the kids to have a great Valentine's party.
Valentine Treats: Recipes and Crafts for the Whole Family -- Nothing says "I love you" like gifts made from the heart, and anyone struck with Cupid's arrow will find plenty of inspiration in Valentine Treats.
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The Night Before Valentine's Day: "'Twas the night before Valentine's Day, and all through the town, children were busy, not making a sound..."
Roses Are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink: From a review: "Following teacher's orders, Gilbert, a fuzzy-looking woodland creature, inscribes Valentines for his classmates, devising "nice" rhymes for each..."
The Very Special Valentine -- "Join little Bunny Gray as he sets out to find the perfect gift for his special friend, Rosie."
The Day It Rained Hearts "follows young Cornelia Augusta as she makes creative use of a most unusual downpour..."
Be My Valentine, Amelia Bedelia -- "Mrs. Rogers is throwing a party on Valentine's Day. But Amelia Bedelia lost the guest list..."
Blue's Valentines Day (Blue's Clues) -- "How do Blue and her friends show their love for each other on Valentine's Day?"
Valentines: A Book to Touch and Feel -- "Celebrate Valentine's Day with the adorable Pixie Pops!"
Little Love Notes: Tear-Out Notes of Love and Romance "Say 'I love you' to that someone special"
Love is ... : Note Cards in a Slipcase with Drawer: A sweet notecard set to help you share your love
The Queen's Fool : A Novel The first sentence reads, "The girl, giggling and overexcited, was running in the sunlit garden, running away from her stepfather, but not so fast that he could not catch her..."
Katherine: "This classic romance novel tells the true story of the love affair that changed history that of Katherine Swynford and John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, the ancestors of most of the British royal family..."
Valentine Kittens: "Witty, romantic and fun!"
Love Notes: "Without any warning, it just happened..."
A Valentine Kiss: Matchmaker / Cupids Bow / Made In Heaven. From a reviewer: "If anyone wants to know how to put together a perfect anthology collection, I would point them to A Valentine's Kiss"
Hating Valentine's Day: "One of the top wedding photographers in town, Liv Hetherington, steadfastly single, hates Valentine's Day. This year she's putting her foot down and has vowed there'll be do dinner party set-ups, speed-dating frenzies or any other form of accidental dating organized by her father, flatmate or best friend. What she hasn't counted on is that, this year, they've given up on her."
I Hate Valentine's Day "is a bitingly funny guide to getting through the Big Day painlessly..."