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If you've been following along, you've figured out what you want, you know the general principles of what women want, you've decided the best locale for where to meet the right woman. But you may be a bit unsure of what to do next.

First let's dispell a myth. There is NO formula, no guaranteed pickup line that you can use that will have women eating out of your hand. If you see a web site or book that advertises such a thing, forget it. They just want your money.

The reason why there is no formula is because every woman is different. She is an individual. Remember that. And, you are unique, too. Consequently, every encounter between a man and a woman is unique. No one formula or line can possibly be right for every situation.

Begin by observing. If you see a woman who interests you, take a few moments to see what she is doing. If you are in a group, is she chatting away, or sitting off by herself? If you are at a bar, is she drinking an unusual drink? Watching the game on TV?

Choose something about her situation to talk to her about. We'll see specific examples under the approach. Even better, identify two or three things about her situation that you can ask or talk about.

Important! Don't comment on her physical appearance right away. Even if you think she's got the most beautiful eyes, saying so too soon sounds like a line. A line is something that a guy trots out for every woman he meets. It's impersonal and fake.

If you get the brush off (which you might), you may want to continue observing. (Don't stare, or she'll think you're some kind of weird stalker.) What sort of man does she respond to? Is he different from you? Are you trying to be somebody that you're not? Are you going after the wrong kind of woman for you? If you repeatedly get the brush off, then you probably are not going after the right kind of woman. Re-evaluate yourself and what you want.

Now, take a deep breath, and get ready for the the approach.


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