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The first thing you need to do on your quest to meet a woman is ask yourself -- What kind of woman do I want and what do I want her for?.

What do I want?

Be brutally honest with yourself here. If you are looking for fun times and casual dating, then you are looking for one kind of woman. If you like athletics and outdoor sports, you probably don't want to date a woman who'd rather stay home and read a good book. And, if you like wild-and-crazy people, you probably want to date a woman who loves to party. Lastly, consider looks. (Yes, we all know looks shouldn't matter, but they do -- especially to men.)

So begin by listing (on paper, if you want to place an ad) what you are looking for in the relationship. Some possibilities are: fun, casual dating; marriage; or long term, possible marriage.

Now identify what you really like to do. If it is watch every sporting event possible on TV, say so. If you love the opera, say so. If you like both, say that.

Next, think about the kind of people you are already friends with. What personality traits do you like about them? What characteristics did you like about previous girlfriends? Maybe you like shy, quiet, intellectuals. Maybe you like the in-your-face types. It doesn't matter, but be honest and realistic. You may admire a gorgeous woman who is the life of the party, but in reality all your friends are the kind who like to hang out in the background -- you probably will be much happier with a quieter, less flamboyant woman.

And, at the last, what physical characteristics do you want in your prospective mate? Again, be realistic. Although women are more tolerant of looks than men, (that is, you will see gorgeous women with OK guys), many times really good-looking women only want to date really good-looking men. Look at yourself in the mirror and figure on dating someone who is a little better looking than you are, but not much. Notice, too, that looks is the last item on the list. Try not to let your desire to show off an attractive woman to your friends blind you to the perfect lady who may not be a 10.

Now that you've figured out what you want, you have to use that information to decide where to go. If you want to meet a certain kind of woman you will have to go where that kind of woman is. You can also go online. With your handy list of requirements, you can start searching ads for women who share your interests.

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